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Red Honey - Costa Rica

Specialty Coffee from COSTA RICA Red Honey

In the cup you can experience flavors of peach, grapefruit, tropical fruits such as papaya, ripe orange and apricot.

Origin: Llano Bonito del Naranjo, Western Valley

Altitude:  1,800 m

Variety: Milenio

Process:  Red Honey

Farm: Sebastián

Producer:  Angie y Fernando

Tasting notes: Passion fruit, Peach, Papaya

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Specialty Coffee from COSTA RICA Red Honey


Fernando and Angie own coffee plantations in the Western Valley of Costa Rica. This region has been qualified as one of the most complex due to its microclimates. Sun in the morning, rain in the afternoon, volcanic soils and frost-free elevations... coffee growing paradise! This region also accumulates a very high percentage of Cup of Excellence winners.

Their farm is located more than 1,800 meters above sea level. Their objective is to find the most suitable processing methods for each variety they harvest.

Fernando is an agronomist and pioneer in the cultivation of new F-1 hybrid coffee varieties. These have been developed by World Coffee Research together with Catie and Sirad University, with the intention of developing genetic diversity and boosting the sustainability of the industry. These varieties are more resistant to climate change and plant diseases than their local counterparts, require less pesticides and have higher production yields.

Angie has recently earned Q-grader certification. Her cupping skills and dedication mean that the quality of the coffee they produce will only continue to improve as they combine their knowledge in cultivation through processing, roasting and the final cup result.

The F-1 hybrids make their land not only more productive than average, but also result in amazing quality coffees with high SCA cupping scores.


Located in Llano Bonito de Naranjo, in Costa Rica's West Valley, the plantation is renowned for its production of specialty coffees.

The plantation is the first planted with 100% F-1 hybrid varieties and serves as a testing ground for innovation and best practices.

Altitude: 1800 above sea level

Main variety: Milenio

Other varieties: Centroamericano, Esperanza, Casiopea and Excelencia.

Processes: Washing, honey, natural, anaerobic.

Farm size: 11.6 hectares


The Milenio variety is a cross between Sarchimor and Rume Sudan. It has very good cup quality at altitudes above 1300 meters and is well adapted to agroforestry conditions.

It has a large fruit size and the cherry has more mucilage, which makes it inherently fruitier and sweeter than other varieties.

F1 hybrid varieties are created by crossing genetically distinct parents (e.g., an Ethiopian wild variety x Caturra). The offspring of the cross are first generation (F1) hybrids. F1 hybrids stand out because they tend to:

1. have significantly higher production than non-hybrids.

2. Maintain a high cup quality that is ideal for the specialty coffee market.

3. 3. They are resistant to diseases (they need much less agrochemical products).

F-1 hybrids are the hope for a sustainable future for the coffee industry.


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Country of Origin
Costa Rica
Roasted for
Filter & Espresso
Tasting notes
Passion fruits
Red Honey
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