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Decaf - Colombia

Decaf Specialty Coffee from COLOMBIA


Origin: Colombia

Farmer: Asociación Asepropaz

Region: Caldas

Altitude: 1600 msnm.

Process: Washed, Surgar Cane

Variety: Caturra

SCA Score: 83,25


Tasting notes: In this coffee you will find notes of cocoa, nuts, praline, vanilla and caramel.

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Decaf Specialty Coffee from COLOMBIA

In this case we have selected a coffee of the caturra variety that yields an excellent result in the cup after the decaffeination process. Thus, you can enjoy a delicious cup of specialty coffee without worrying about caffeine.

This decaffeination process does NOT use chemical products, it is carried out using the sugar cane technique using the ferment of the sugar cane fiber to extract the caffeine. All decaffeination processes affect the organoleptic qualities of the coffee, but the sugar cane and Swiss water techniques are the most natural as they DO NOT use chemicals that are harmful to health.

Coffee processed with the "Washing" technique, which implies that drying is carried out after removing the skin and pulp from the fruit in a process called pulping, leaving only the coffee seeds wrapped in a dense layer like honey called mucilage that for to be able to remove it is washed in large tanks of water (hence its name washed). With the seeds without remains, it is dried in the sun on sunroofs or drying patios.

The washing process has evolved to be more environmentally friendly, which has led to the fact that today less water is used per kilo of washed coffee and that the water that remains after the process is treated for reuse.


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