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Asian Coffees & Oceania Coffees

Asian Coffees and coffee from Oceania are known for their diversity of flavors and varieties. It is cultivated in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. These countries are renowned for their Robusta coffee varieties, which are known for their strong flavor and body.

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Specialty coffee - Myanmar -  Libis Coffee - Cafe Gourmet

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From Price €13.50
Specialty Coffee from MYANMAR Origin: Myanmar Farmer: Danu and Pa-O smallholder farmers Farm: Shwe Yi Mon Region:Ywangan, Shan State. Altitude:...
Specialty coffee from China - Libis - Cafe Gourmet

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China - Libis

From Price €14.50
Specialty Coffee from China Origin: Jiangcheng Hani, Yunnan Farmer: Ou Yang Farm: Ou Yang Altitude: 1,250 msnm. Process: Natural Variety: Catimor...
Specialty coffee from India - Ratnagiri - Cafe Gourmet

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Ratnagiri - India

Price €14.50
SPECIALTY COFFEE from INDIA Ratnagiri   Recommended: Espresso Origin:  Bababudangiri, Western Ghats, India Variety: Selection 9 Process:  Honey...

Asian coffee & Oceania Coffee

Indonesia is known for its quality Arabica coffees, with notes of spices, dried fruit and a smooth finish. Vietnam is the largest coffee producer in Asia and is known for its high-quality Robusta coffees. These coffees have a strong flavor and body, and are commonly used in coffee blends. India is known for its Arabica and Robusta coffees, with notes of spices and tropical fruits. Sri Lanka also produces high-quality coffees, with notes of tropical fruits and a smooth finish. In general, Asian coffee is known for its variety of flavors and offers options for all tastes and preferences.


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