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Colombia is one of the most important coffee-growing countries, being the 3rd country with the highest production in the world.

Colombian coffees are generally rich and full-bodied. They cover a wide range of flavors, from sweet with hints of chocolate, to floral, fruity and almost tropical, without forgetting the notes of nuts.

Each region offers a different profile. The mountains of Colombia create a host of microclimates that stand out potentially unique to coffee. All the coffee that is exported is Arabica, including the Typica and Bourbon varieties and there are one or two harvests a year depending on the region. Most of the coffees process is Washed

At Café Gourmet you can buy the best natural Colombian coffee. Whole beans, grounded for your coffee machine or in nespresso compatible compostable capsules. Use the filters to find the specialty coffee you are desiring to try.

Welcome Pack - Café Dinastia - 3x250gr

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Welcome Pack - Café...

Price €39.90
Welcome Pack with free shipping FREE SHIPPING TO SPANISH PENINSULA Enjoy all the varieties of Café Dinastia with its Welcome Pack and savor the...
Geisha - Colombia
  • -25%

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Geisha - Colombia

Regular price €17.90 -25% Price €13.43
“Geisha” or “Gesha” coffee is considered one of the most exclusive and expensive coffees in the world due to the strict cultivation and processing...
Decaf Specialty coffee - Colombia -  Libis Coffee - Cafe Gourmet

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Decaf - Colombia

From Price €8.95
Origin: Colombia Farmer: Asociación Asepropaz Region: Caldas Altitude: 1600 msnm. Process: Washed, Surgar Cane Variety: Caturra SCA Score: 83,25...
Pink Bourbon - Colombia

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Pink Bourbon - Colombia

From Price €10.90
Grown on the “Villa Rubiela” farm owned by Eliana Sofía Escarpeta, in the village of Monserrate located in the municipality of Pitalito. This...
Specialty coffee La Palmera - Colombia - Atmans Coffee  - Cafe Gourmet
  • New

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La Palmera - COLOMBIA

Price €11.90
Origin: Hulia, Colombia Variety: Pink Bourbon Process:  Washed Producer:  Jose Cuellar Tasting notes: Ripe apricot, stone fruit, sweet oats, milk...

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Legado edition - Colombia

From Price €9.90
Prepared in conjunction with the team of the Cooperativa Departamental de Caficultores del Huila to achieve the perfect balance between two of the...
Honey Chamí - Colombia

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Competicion - Colombia

From Price €10.90
From the "Villa Carolina" farm, Gilberto and his family have produced this incredible and exclusive batch of coffee which is the winner of a...

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Fun Chaves - Colombia

From Price €10.90
ZANCADA: Aroma: Chocolate negro, almendra, caramelo, pasas. Sabor: Frutas rojas maduras e intensas, chocolate negro, pasas.
Specialty coffee Las Flores - Colombia - Atmans Coffee - Cafe Gourmet
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Las Flores - COLOMBIA

Price €26.20
Origin: Colombia Variety: Geisha Process:  Washed Producer:  Luz Marina y Luis Urrego Tasting notes: White flowers, apricot, tangerine, milk...
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Gesha -  Colombia

From Price €14.99
Origin: Colombia Farmer: Gustavo Gómez Farm: El Mirador, Marquetália (Caldas) Altitude: 1700 msnm. Process: Washed Variety: Gesha SCA Score: 88,50...

Café Gourmet is your place if you are looking to buy the best Colombian coffee roasted in Spain.

Coffee from Colombia

At Café Gourmet you will find the best specialty coffee in Colombia. You can buy Colombian coffee from different regions, with various tasting notes, and roasted by the best artisan specialty coffee roasters.

Colombian coffee in whole beans

If you are looking to buy coffee beans from Colombia, Café Gourmet is your place. Here you can buy the best freshly roasted Colombian coffee beans so that you can enjoy it at home or at the office. The best natural coffee beans, only in Café Gourmet

Colombian grounded coffee

If you need to buy ground Colombian coffee for your type of coffee maker, select the type of grind at the time of purchase and you will be able to receive at home the best ground Colombian coffee and ready for you to make that excellent cup of coffee.

Colombian coffee in capsules

If you have a capsule coffee machine compatible with Nespresso, we offer you the opportunity to savor one of the best coffees in the world, those from Colombia, in your compatible coffee machine for nespresso capsules. The coffee in capsules as well as in beans is roasted by hand by the roasters that belong to Café Gourmet

Fair trade coffee

Specialty coffee is characterized by being an ethical coffee, so here you can buy fair trade coffee.

In recent years, the specialized industry has gained access to work with small farmers individually, buying small volumes and paying more for quality crops.

Arabica coffee from Colombia

If you want to buy Arabica coffee from Colombia, look no further, at Café Gourmet we have selected the best Spanish roasters that have in turn selected the best green beans so that you can enjoy the best natural coffee you have ever tasted.

Café Gourmet, we are the specialty coffee Marketplace


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