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Specialty Coffee from ETHIOPIA, Libis - Cafe Gourmet


Specialty Coffee from ETHIOPIA

Origin: Ethiopia

Farmer: Khalid Shifa

Region: Goma, Jimma

Altitude: 2100 msnm.

Process: Washed

Variety: Heirloom 

SCA Score: 87


Tasting notes: A lovely cup with fruity notes: peach, lime, orange and honey


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Specialty Coffee from ETHIOPIA

When Khalid tells us about his career, we understand the attachment of this thirty-something producer to the farm and to the coffee trees that saw him grow. Khalid is a native of the country. He obtained these plantations from his father, who in turn obtained them from his father.

The coffee here is a patrimony that is taken care of. His family has been settled in these lands for a long time. His grandfather had been looking for wild coffee plants in the Choché forest, a few kilometers away, to develop his first plantations. Since then, the growing demand for Jimma's coffee has contributed to the consolidation of the family plantations and Khalid is happy to continue these traditions. He remembers, as a boy, winding through these coffee trees and following his mother as he picked cherries. He knows this land down to the smallest detail and, by this transmission, he says that he considers these coffee trees to be his “own children”. In view of the attention he pays to his farm and the exceptional environment of the site, in view of the efforts he makes to constantly improve the quality of his production, we understand the deep bond that binds him to this space. He hopes that his 3 children, currently settled and educated in the nearby small town of Agaro, can also benefit from growing coffee later on.

The family farm has grown and now extends over 35 hectares, in the Jimma appellation, at an altitude of 2100 m. It takes place within a rich environment, the biodiversity of which Khalid and his brother seek to maintain. They established a nursery for new coffee plants. They have 31 African beds for coffee drying, of which 6 are reserved exclusively for the Honey process. Khalid developed this process following the recommendations of the Belco teams in Ethiopia.

Heirloom as such is not a variety, due to the difficulty of classification, coffees from native plants of the region are called heirloom, differentiating them from those created in the laboratory (hybrids). It is important to mention that the history of coffee begins in this African country.

Coffee processed with the "Washing" technique, which implies that drying is carried out after removing the skin and pulp from the fruit in a process called pulping, leaving only the coffee seeds wrapped in a dense layer like honey called mucilage that for to be able to remove it is washed in large tanks of water (hence its name washed). With the seeds without remains, it is dried in the sun on sunroofs or drying patios.

The washing process has evolved to be more environmentally friendly, which has led to the fact that today less water is used per kilo of washed coffee and that the water that remains after the process is treated for reuse.


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