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Zarza (Pacamara) - Colombia



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Origin:  Brussels, Huila, Colombia

Variety: Pacamara

Process:  PLUS (Double Anaerobic Fermentation + Thermal Shock)

Producer:  Jonathan Gasc


Tasting notes: Melon, fig, bubblegum, blackberry.


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Jonathan and his brother, who wanted to be soccer players as children, are the fourth generation of a traditional coffee-growing family dedicated to selling coffee with volume as their objective, but decided to follow their passion for coffee and beekeeping.

Thanks to the curiosity of Tatán (as his friends call him) and his brother, they decided to undertake and investigate new methods for the processing of coffee and to train themselves in fermentation. Their first process was Honey, but it did not turn out as expected, the results in the cup were not adequate and they decided to sell their production as pacilla.

Although a bit frustrated, they did not stop believing in their dream of obtaining a balance between regional and traditional coffees, and at the same time being able to offer the market more interesting and complex coffees in the cup. Tatán, together with his wife and two sons, began to experiment with other processes and created seedbeds with new varieties. In 2022, the varietals that were 5 years old, began to give results with minimal processing.

Their approach in recent years has been to experiment, make mistakes, try again, and standardize processes until they achieved what we can say today is "the beginning of a very tasty road".

The PLUS process begins with the intention of enhancing the profile and properties of each varietal. It all starts with a good harvest and making the pickers aware of picking only the ripe fruit.

Afterwards, the cherries are separated by flotation and put in bags for 30 hours in order to heat the mass, a controlled process that does not allow it to exceed 40ºC. This stage of oxidation and fermentation of the cherry brings out the fruity profile of the variety.

The cherry is then pulped and transferred to tanks for 24 hours for fermentation and once this phase is completed, it is washed with hot water to perform the ThermoShock method, and finally dried on African beds.


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Double Anaerobic Fermentation
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