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Bombe - Ethiopia


Recomended: Filter & Espresso

Origin:  Sidama Bensa, Ethiopia

Variety: 74110 & 74112

Process:  Natural

Producer:  Daye Bensa, Dukamo Family


Tasting notes: White grape, orange blossom, green tea, peach

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Bombe gets its name from the mountains in the Sidama region that lie south of the washing station. This site is the culmination of several years of hard work and preparation by the “Sidama coffee man”, Asefa Dukamo and his family. The outsourced growers who deliver to Bombe live high up in the lush and enchanting Bombe mountain valley. They are part of an organization made up of 667 producers in various parts of the mountain range.

Daye Bensa is a coffee exporting company founded in 2006 by the brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo. They have a lot of experience and started as coffee suppliers in the area. The young men of the family, Kenean and Eliyas, also later joined the company which began to grow. Kenean was educated in the US and works in commerce and finance, and Eliyas in quality control.

The company works with various outside grower communities from whom they receive the cherries. Daye Bensa works with multiple washing stations in the Sidama Bensa area, some of which are yet to be explored.

In 2020, Daye Bensa took 7th place in the Cup of Excelence with her Assefa Dukamo Natural, grown on the Gatta farm and processed on the Shantawene station. In 2021, Assefa Dukamo from Daye Bensa participated with a washed Hamasho coffee and was ranked 8th.

The cherries are processed at the Bombe Abore washing station, located along the Bonora River, which joins the Gatta River upstream. The station is one of the places from which Daye Bensa disseminates knowledge on the improvement of quality-oriented production techniques.

The cherries delivered here grow between 1920-2020 masl. The beans are very dense, with large sieve concentrations in the smaller sizes (mostly 13-14), reflecting slow maturation at very high altitudes.

Natural Bombe is made from well-selected ripe cherries. The cherry is first floated on receipt to remove any poor quality cherries, then dried on African beds for 14-18 days. They are pulped locally into unsorted grain and transported to Addis for further final sorting.

Ethiopian farmers provide cherries to local washing stations every day, they function as a collection point and are therefore geographically distributed for farmers. Washing stations are essential for post-harvest processing and further quality development.

Cherry prices have been steadily increasing in Ethiopia. In the case of Sidama, prices rose from 10 Birr in the previous decade to 15-17 Birr in 2019, 20-24 Birr in 2020, to 31 Birr/kg in 2021. This price increase benefits the producer.


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Country of Origin
Roasted for
Filter & Espresso
Tasting notes
Green tea
Orange blossom
White grape
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